Where is your datacenter located?

Our VPS are located in our private cage at the Korea SK broadband datacenter.

Do you have a VPS speed test ip?

Yes, our network test IP:

What is your uptime?

We guarantee our network for 100% uptime.

Can I contact support 24/7?

Yes our technical support is 24/7 . Please make sure you avoid weekends, holidays and always consider our time in Korea. If you contact us in office hours we can respond your tickets faster. Our work time: AM 9:00 - PM 24:00. Seoul Standard Time.

Do I get full root access?

Yes, you will have full root access to your VPS.

Why do you receive a setup fee?

Charge a set up fee is a common practice in South Korea. Almost all big or small VPS companies in Korea charge a set up fee.

You provide VPS nodes hardware Details?

Our VPS nodes are at least including: Intel Xeon processors (8-16 cores), 32GB RAM, 4x450GB SAS 1.5K HDD with 3Ware Hardware RAID, Hot Swap Drive Bays, 1Gbit ports, 1/2U rack, Supermicro or Dell server quality hardware.

You limit VPS broadband? I can use How much broadband?

Our VPS node is a dedicated 1Gbps port, you can use the 100Mbps or more, but you must note overuse use broadband will lead to Traffic exhaust.

Can I buy lot of additional IP addresses?

Just one single IP is set up by default. You can not buy more IPs. Most VPS companies in Korea do not allow additional IP.

How do I manage my VPS? You provide a VPS management control panel?

You can Through SSH manage, The default VPS does not have any control panel of any sort.

Can I use your vps running for VPN?

Yes, you can run L2TP, IPSec and SSLVPN.

Do you filter ICMP?

Yes this is our company's policy to filter ICMP. This is a common practice in most companies in South Korea.

if I overuse bandwidth, will lead to what results?

Every plan has it's own bandwidth. You should not overuse your bandwidth. We don't want to see the customers overuse use broadband, caused expensive additional fee. If you overuse use broadband, you have to pay additional fees(additional per GB pricing $0.2) or you must upgrade to a higher VPS plan.

Do you allow Stream Video , IRC or Shoutcast on your server?

Yes, we allow IRC,Red5 etc or Shoutcast.

Can I upgrade my VPS?

Yes, Just contact our billing department. When asking for upgrade you must to let us know your SSH Password , Port etc also the time you want us to work on the upgrade because during the upgrade your VPS might be offline.

What is VPS Hosting virtualization platform?

We have two virtualization platforms (XEN and KVM), you can choose. by default is XEN.

Reboot and reinstall the system need to pay extra fee?

Reboot is free. OS reinstall price is $ 5.

Is pinging enabled in your server?

For security reason pinging is disabled in our server. We won't enable pinging .

You can set up my Rdns?

Reverse DNS set up can only be created for customers who have a business registration in South Korea.

What is the Setup Time of the server?

Usually Your VPS is installed in 2 - 8 hours in Office hours. You must allow Approx 24 hours to complete your set up.

What type of payments do you accept?

We currently accept paypal and we also accept credit cards through paypal payment processor.