Server FAQ

Where is your datacenter located?

All of our Dedicated servers are located in our private cage at the Korea GDSYS datacenter. more detailed information please visit our Network page.

Do you have a Korea speed test ip?

Yes, Test GDSYS Inc IDC datacenter Network IP:

What is your uptime?

We guarantee our network for 99.9% uptime.

You provide a Dedicated IPMI / KVM?

Yes, we provide Dedicated IPMI / KVM, you can remotely reboot, reinstall the system, check the hardware health, etc. ..

Can I contact support 24/7?

Please make sure you avoid weekends, holidays and always consider our time in Korea. If you contact us in office hours we can respond your tickets faster. Our work time: AM 9:00 - PM 24:00. Seoul Standard Time.

I can install My own operating system?

You can install through IPMI, or your Provided ISO links, we install it for you.

Can I buy lot of additional IP addresses?

Yes, according customer needs, we can provide a The C class / 24 block (253 Usable IPv4).

How do I manage my servers?

You can Through SSH or IPMI / KVM manage.

I can use How much broadband?

By default, is 10Mbps dedicated unmetered. Moreover, We offer a choice, 10Mbps dedicated unmetered. or 100Mbps and 1Gbps port, 2000GB monthly traffic.

If you choice 10Mbps dedicated unmetered. Largest broadband will is 10Mbps, This means that there are no overage charges and no monthly usage limits, and the customer may use as much bandwidth as their port speed will allow, 24/7 if they want to. Unmetered bandwidth is normally expected to be available to the customer at the full port speed that they are purchasing.

If you choice 100Mbps or 1Gbps port, 2000GB monthly traffic. Largest broadband will is 1Gbps, This means that a customer will be given an allowed monthly transfer limit, along with a port speed which is capable of exceeding this monthly limit if it were to be used at its maximum speed continuously. The customer recognizes that it is their responsibility to stay within this transfer limit to avoid any overage charges.

Do you filter ICMP?

Yes, this is our company's policy to filter ICMP. This is a common practice in most companies in South Korea.

Reboot and reinstall the system need to pay extra fee?

No any extra fee. You can IPMI / KVM Reboot and reinstall. Moreover, We can help you reboot or reinstall. You only need submit tickets.

I can cancel at any time server ? No additional condition?

Yes, Customers may cancel at any time or schedule with us a specific time when service should be discontinued.

Do you allow Stream Video , IRC or Shoutcast on your server?

Yes, we allow IRC,Red5 etc or Shoutcast.

You can set up my Rdns?

Yes, if the customer is guaranteed not to send spam we can do it, but if we find that the customer sends spam will immediately terminate the service, no refund.

What is the Setup Time of the server?

Usually Your servers is installed in 6 - 12 hours in Office hours. You must allow Approx 24 hours to complete your set up.

What type of payments do you accept?

We currently accept paypal and we also accept credit cards through paypal payment processor.